Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feeling a little anxious

I'm feeling a little anxious. I always do around this time. It's about time for Ethan to go back to ACH and get more tests/checkups done.

The other day I started to count up the number of times he's been there for all his different medical stuff. You know, the countless renal ultrasounds, the voiding tests, the function tests, the 2 surgeries, the extended hospital stay. But, I lost track. Lets just say he's been there a lot and we LOVE that hospital. Not because we LIKE to go there, but we have to go there and they are great at what they do.

I was going back through Ethan's first box the other day and found his little masks that were used during his two surgeries. Although they were both minor surgeries (in comparison to some.) A surgery is a surgery and I'm so very glad they have gone well for him.

Aren't these masks just the smallest things? Especially that green one. Ethan used that one when he was just 2 months old.

This time around, the tests will be a bit more involved. This time he will not only have his regular clinical appt. but also another renal ultrasound and another VCUG test (to see whether or not he's still refluxing urine.) The last time he had most of these more involved tests he was only 6 weeks old and slept through most of it. This time with a 1 year old, it'll be way different. So....if you would just pray that he gets through it ok, and that we get through it ok and that everything comes back great! Thanks!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

t-ball 2010

This is the first year Jackson has played t-ball. He missed it last year by 13 days, so this year he was good to go. He's on the 3-4 year old team and how cute they are! I love watching them all play. How many 3-4 year olds can "tackle" a baseball? Answer: most all the team!

Check out these pictures....

Batter up!

Ball? where's the ball?

Oh, there's a player on MY base?

What's a little t-ball without taunting?

WHEW! hard work!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Our boys

Our two wonderful, loving, ADORABLE boys. I love these first pictures of Jackson. Notice all the freckles?

I just noticed that I didn't get a single picture of the two of them together on Easter Sunday. And they even had on matching shirts (thanks BTW, Christel!)

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Ethan LOVES to eat...

Ethan is definitely out eater out of the two boys....even if it's a tag on a toy! No really, he did try to eat the tag, but the tag was promptly removed. He sure is growing!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Bear Survey 2010

So, remember this post where I talked about what my office looks like? One snowy, COLD, day in early March, my office looked like what you see below.

Every year or so, we do a bear survey in conjunction with the Arkansas Game and Fish. This year, I got to attend. This is the first time in a few years I've been since I've always had other things going on. Anyway, it was a single female cub and SO CUTE!

She weighed around 2 pounds, but her claws were super, duper sharp. Take a look!

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Ice Skating

Back during spring break, I took Jackson to the Jones Center there in Springdale, for some ice skating action. Now, remember, this is the first time jackson has ever been ice skating and the first time in several years I had been. BUT...we DID make it 2 full times around the rink. We may or may not have been hanging on to the side the entire time. I can't rightly say.

We got NO pictures of Jackson actually out on the ice (although he really did go, I promise!) Something about me hanging on to him the entire time and I really didn't want to hit the ice myself and break my camera. So, these pictures will have to do.

After it was all over, I asked Jackson if he liked it and he said he did, but he didn't want to go back until he was much 14 he said!

Saturday, May 01, 2010

easter 2010--better late than never

Jackson is finally to the age where Easter egg hunts are FUN for him. He's so very competitive and wants to find them ALL!

WHEW! Maybe if I take a little break...

Nope, no time for, how many more do I need to find?

Ethan on the other hand could have cared less about the eggs. He was more interested in the grass and leaves. Wondering how he could get this in his mouth before someone notices...

oh, and look! A pretty yellow weed

See my weed STICK??

Oh, what's this? Eggs you say?

Oh well, off to find more weeds and sticks and grass

See ya! Hope you had a Happy Easter